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11 Best Affiliate Programs in Nigeria

Last updated on January 18th, 2024 at 07:00 am

In this article, you will get the best best affiliate programs in Nigeria. See, the digital age we are in has created many means of making money online. Cryptocurrency, digital marketing, copywriting, web design, and affiliate marketing are some of these means of making money online

But the focus of this post will be on the best Affiliate programs in Nigeria

It will explain what affiliate marketing is, why you should join an affiliate program and some of the best affiliate marketing programs to join in Nigeria

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing in Nigeria is simply marketing other people’s products for a commission

There are three sets of people needed for Affiliate marketing to take place

  • Merchant
  • Affiliate
  • Audience

Without any of these three, the process cannot be completed

The merchant is the company having the products for marketing

The Affiliate is the person marketing the merchant’s product(s)

The Audience is the people consuming the product(s)

The merchant will create an affiliate program on its website for affiliates to register, after registration, affiliates are given unique affiliate links to make the audience(consumers) return to the merchant’s website to buy their products and services, after which a commission would be given to the affiliate

Affiliate marketers mostly use their blogs and social media to send traffic to the merchant’s website

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To start your blog you need hosting, domain name, and WordPress

If you don’t have a website yet, then buy your very affordable hosting and domain from Truehost Nigeria and install WordPress.

Why you should join one of the best Affiliate programs in Nigeria 

  • It is a passive source of income
  • It is not expensive to start and maintain
  • It is automated ( you don’t have to be present for it to work )
  • It has high ROI( Return on investment)
  • It is scalable

The above are some of the benefits of joining an affiliate program in Nigeria, you will learn next, the best affiliate marketing programs to join in Nigeria

11 best affiliate programs in Nigeria

Something very important really put into consideration while selecting an affiliate program is your blog niche, you need to ask yourself questions like, will the product benefit my niche audience? will they be interested in such kinds of product or service? is the commission worth the stress?

After answering the above questions then you can move forward to choose affiliate programs to join

The following are some of the best affiliate programs in Nigeria that you will learn about in this post

  1. Truehost Nigeria
  2. Travelstart
  3. Wakanow
  4. Konga
  5. Jumia
  6. Binance
  7. Luno
  8. Amazon
  9. Aliexpress
  10. ShareAsale
  11. Fiverr

1. Truehost Nigeria

Truehost Nigeria is a Nigeria web hosting company with cheap and affordable web hosting services, they provide personalized hosting services, and also operate in more than 5 African countries with thousands of clients

Facts to know about Truehost Affiliate Program

They pay a 10% recurring commission, that’s to say that the commission continues to be given to you as long your referral keeps renewing his or her services with them

They provide graphics and videos for posting on blogs and social media

The minimal amount for withdrawal is seven thousand naira

Their payments are tax-free, remitted via Paypal, Bank, and Mobile

There is also no requirement for joining the program

How to get started with the Truehost Affiliate program

The following steps can be used to register

  • Sign up from the website by clicking 
  • Activation of the affiliate account is the second step.
  • Activation provides an activation link that can be shared to gain referrals.
  • Cookies tracking visitors at Truehost last for 90 days
  • Affiliates can track earnings anytime by logging in to their accounts
  • Affiliates can request payment anytime as soon as minimum withdrawal amount is attained
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2. Travelstart

It is one of the top online travel agencies in Africa. They ease travelers’ pain by helping them to plan their journey. They offer flight booking, hotel accommodation, car rentals, travel insurance, and even vacation programs

Facts about Travelstart Affiliate program

They are two ways of selling their services, namely I-frame and text link

I-frame allow users to make a booking themselves, while text link allows affiliates to make bookings for their customers

Affiliates make 70% of the profit of their affiliate link and a flat fee for all flights that do not originate in Nigeria

All commissions are paid 2-3 weeks after the month has ended

Click  to join the affiliate program

3. Wakanow

It is also an online travel agency that provides cheap and easy online booking services in many countries

Facts about Wakanow Affiliate program

The discounted fares on the portal enable affiliates to markup and make huge profits

How to get started with Wakanow

  • Sign up here as an affiliate
  • Check your email for confirmation message
  • Make payment and start selling

4. Konga

Konga is a Nigerian e-commerce company founded in July 2012. They have products ranging from phones to shoes, clothes, etc.

Facts about Konga Affiliate Program

There is no requirement for being an affiliate, except your desire to be an affiliate

Affiliates are paid upon confirmation of purchase and delivery of items by visitors

Payments are made on Friday of the second week of the next month

Payment is made through Bank/Wire transfer

Click here  to sign up

5. Jumia

Jumia is an online shopping mall where you can purchase electronics, phones, tablets, baby products, automobiles etc

Facts about Jumia Affiliate Program

Approval for the affiliate program is made within one week

Tracking links spans for seven days

Payments are made at the end of every month

Click here to join

6. Binance

Binance cryptocurrency exchange operates the world’s biggest bitcoin exchange and altcoin crypto exchange in the world by volume. It was founded in July 2017 and is registered in the Cayman Islands. It was founded by Changpeng Zhao

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Facts about Binance Affiliate Program

The commission is 50% for spot commission, 30% for Futures commission, and 30% for Binance pool commission

Applicants must have more than 5000 on social media or more than 500 members in a trading community

Click here  to join

7. Luno

Luno is a global cryptocurrency company with customers in 43 countries with over 9 million customers and a team of 600. They are headquartered in London

Facts about Luno Affiliate program

Applicants must have an account with Luno at least level 1

Affiliates are rewarded with bitcoin

Click here  to join

8. Amazon

It is an American multinational technology company that focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, etc

Facts about Amazon Affiliate program

It is an Amazon associates program

The commission is small but, all products a referral buys with your link is awarded to you even if that wasn’t the product you referred the visitor to

Cookies last just for 24 hours

Click here to join

9. Aliexpress

It is an online retail service based in China owned by Alibaba Group. They have more than 111 million deals on Fashion, Accessories, computer electronics, toys, building materials, tools, etc.

Facts about AliExpress Affiliate program

It is easy to join

They have buyers from more than 200 countries

Commission vary based on products, some products have commission as high as 50%

Click here  to join


ShareAsale is an affiliate marketing network based in the USA.

Affiliate marketing networks are companies that bring merchants and affiliates together

They make it easy for affiliates to choose from a variety of options

Facts about ShareAsale Affiliate program

Affiliates have access to many merchants and products

The commission depends on the products affiliates choose to promote

Click here  to join

11. Fiverr

It is an Israeli freelancing site, they provide business solutions for customers to connect with Freelancers all over the world. It is headquartered in Israel

Examples of services provided by freelancers are video and animation, programming and tech, graphics and design, Writing and Translation, Music and Audio, etc.

Facts about Fiverr Affiliate program

It is free and easy to join

Affiliates get a commission when customers use their services

Affiliates gain access to professional support and tutorials

They operate in over 160 countries

Click here  to join

These are some of the best Affiliate programs you can join in Nigeria to start earning money in naira and even dollars

Start making money as an affiliate by joining our affiliate program now

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