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Can I Use Adsense in Nigeria? Yes! Here’s How You Can Use It (Even As A Complete Beginner)

Google AdSense is one of the most popular ways for publishers and website owners to earn revenue by displaying targeted ads.

As more Nigerians create content and build audiences online, AdSense seems like an appealing monetization option.

However, there are some unique considerations for using AdSense effectively in the Nigerian context.

In this article, we’ll explore whether AdSense is available in Nigeria, the requirements to join, and tips for optimizing your approved AdSense account for maximum earnings.

We’ll also discuss some common AdSense issues Nigerian users face, along with some alternative ad network options tailored for the local market.

By the end, you’ll have a good understanding of your options for monetizing content through advertising as a Nigerian publisher.

Overview of Google AdSense and How It Works

How to Use Google AdSense – for Beginners

Google AdSense is an ad serving platform that allows publishers to earn revenue by displaying targeted Google ads on their website pages.

Here’s an overview of how it works:

  • Publishers sign up for a free AdSense account and integrate a few lines of code on their site. This code snippet allows AdSense ads to be served.
  • The AdSense platform then analyzes the content on each page to determine what types of ads would be most relevant. For example, a page about basketball shoes would likely show ads for sports apparel.
  • When visitors on the site view or click on the ads, the advertiser pays Google, and Google shares the majority of this revenue with the publisher.

Publishers can earn money in three ways:

  • Cost-per-click (CPC) – Earn money every time a visitor clicks an ad. Popular for content-based sites.
  • Cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) – Earn money every time ads are displayed, based on impression volume. Used for media publishers.
  • Cost-per-acquisition (CPA) – Earn commission when visitors make purchases after clicking ads. Ideal for ecommerce affiliates.

AdSense earnings depend on factors like traffic volume, clickthrough rates, and niche competitiveness.

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Top publishers can earn thousands per month.

Google pays out AdSense earnings monthly once a publisher reaches the minimum threshold.

Payments can be received via bank transfer, PayPal, or Western Union.

By allowing publishers to quickly monetize their content at scale, AdSense has become an influential online advertising network, especially beneficial for niche sites.

But does this value proposition also hold up in the Nigerian context? We explore that next.

Is AdSense Available in Nigeria?

Is AdSense Available in Nigeria?

So can Nigerian website publishers actually use Google AdSense? Yes, AdSense is available to publishers in Nigeria.

However, to maintain quality standards, Google does have some requirements and restrictions:

  • Your site needs to be receiving a good amount of traffic to be accepted. There are no public thresholds, but at least hundreds of visits per month is recommended.
  • Content should be original, high quality, and provide good value to readers. Scraped or duplicate content is prohibited.
  • Your site cannot contain adult, illegal, or copyright-infringing content. Google has strict policies.
  • You must provide accurate contact information and proof of identity/address when applying.
  • The site needs to be on a registered domain name. AdSense is not available for sites on free subdomains.
  • Optimization techniques like click fraud will lead to your account being banned.

In the past, AdSense imposed country-specific restrictions on new applicants from developing nations like Nigeria.

However, most of these blanket IP blocks have now been lifted.

As long as your site meets the requirements above, you can register for an AdSense account from Nigeria and go through the review process.

Google does prioritize fast approval for established sites with long operating histories and quality content.

So new sites may face longer review times or initial rejections before being accepted.

But overall, Nigerian publishers definitely have the opportunity to access AdSense earnings just like counterparts globally – if they meet the eligibility criteria.

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Requirements and Optimization Tips for AdSense in Nigeria

Requirements and Optimization Tips for AdSense in Nigeria

If your site is accepted into AdSense from Nigeria, optimizing your implementation and account for maximum earnings takes some strategic effort:

Have High Value Content

  • Ensure your content offers original value to Nigerian readers. Avoid duplication.
  • Content depth, accuracy and localization for the Nigerian audience is key.

Improve Page Speed

  • Fast loading pages improve clickthrough rates and impressions served.
  • Use caching, compression, optimized images and other speed best practices.

Increase Engagement

  • Higher visitor engagement shows Google your content is appealing.
  • Encourage comments, shares, time on site, returning visitors through stickiness.

Don’t Overload Pages With Ads

  • Have a clear ad strategy for placement and frequency.
  • Too many competing ads frustrates users.

Track Performance

  • Use analytics to track clickthrough rates on each ad unit.
  • Optimize or remove underperforming ad placements.

Enhance Mobile Optimization

  • Majority of Nigerian traffic from mobile devices.
  • Test pages speed on mobile and adjust layouts if needed.

Diversify Ad Sizes

  • Use a mix of large and small ad units where appropriate.
  • Text, display, link ads each have different strengths.

Segment Your Audience

  • Show targeted ads to your site’s sub-audiences through advanced segmentation.

Stay on the Right Side of Policies

  • Don’t try techniques like click fraud which will risk banning.
  • Understand and comply fully with AdSense rules.

With the right strategy tailored to the Nigerian audience, your earnings potential from AdSense can be significant.

But be aware of some common pitfalls as well.

Common AdSense Issues in Nigeria

While AdSense can work for Nigerian publishers, it does come with some common challenges:

Lower EPC Rates

  • AdSense earnings are based on estimated cost-per-click (EPC) rates.
  • Google’s algorithms generally assign lower EPCs to Nigerian traffic.
  • This leads to lower earnings for the same amount of clicks vs other countries.

Limited Ad Relevance

  • AdSense uses location targeting, but with limited Nigerian advertiser data.
  • Ads displayed may have lower relevance to local audiences.
  • Hurts clickthrough rates. International brands advertise more.

Unstable Earnings

  • AdSense earnings fluctuate a lot based on uncontrolled factors.
  • Changes to currency exchange rates and policies can cause swings.

Payment Issues

  • Limited payout options tailored for Nigeria.
  • Problems linking Nigerian bank accounts and cards.
  • Pending earnings thresholds lost when accounts are suspended.
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Account Suspensions

  • High risk of sudden suspensions over policies violations.
  • Struggle to get support and reactivate accounts.
  • Discourages long-term investment in site.

Competitive Ad Spaces

  • More established sites tend to get priority for highest paying ads.
  • Harder for smaller sites to compete in AdSense auction model.

Lack of Support

  • Delayed or lack of support from AdSense team.
  • Appeals from banned accounts rarely succeed.

So while AdSense is a valuable monetization option, Nigerian publishers should also consider alternatives tailored for the local market.

Alternatives to AdSense for Nigerian Publishers

Here are some alternative ad network options that Nigerian website publishers can consider instead of or in addition to Google AdSense:


BidVertiser has a strong African publisher base and incentivizes signing up new publishers through rewards. Benefits:

  • Focuses on monetizing African traffic
  • 100% revenue share model
  • Pays via PayPal, Skrill, bank wire


MGID is a content recommendation network that serves both text, image and video ads in content-rich placements.

Perks include:

  • Popunder ads deliver high CPM rates
  • Available for sites with very low traffic
  • $20 minimum payout


Ezoic offers a range of monetization tools optimized for Nigerian publishers including:


While not exclusive to Nigeria, BuySellAds connects publishers directly to advertisers looking for ad space across the globe:

  • Custom ad placements matched to your audience
  • Full control over ad creative
  • CPM, CPC, CPA and CPL campaigns

Trying a mix of these local options in addition to AdSense can help Nigerian publishers build more stable and higher earning monetization from ads.

Conclusion & Key Takeaways

In summary, here are the key pointers on using Google AdSense in Nigeria as a publisher:

  • AdSense is available in Nigeria if you meet requirements like site traffic, content quality, and policies.
  • Optimize your implementation for the Nigerian audience to maximize earnings from available impressions and clicks.
  • Be aware of limitations like lower EPCs, unstable earnings, lack of local support. Have backups.
  • Consider local ad networks like NairaClicks, BidVertiser and NairaPay tailored for Nigerian sites.
  • Diversify monetization beyond just display ads. Use affiliate marketing, direct sponsorships and more.
  • Monitor earnings diligently and keep improving the visitor experience. Tweak placements, content strategy and more.

While Google AdSense has limitations in Nigeria, it can provide valuable earnings alongside other monetization approaches.

With the right optimization and alternatives in place, Nigerian publishers have options to earn from their hard work attracting an audience.

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