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8 Best Blog Niches That Make Money In Nigeria

Last updated on December 20th, 2023 at 07:54 am

If you are looking to make money blogging, it can be hard to figure out where to start. There are so many options and you want your blog niche to stand out from the crowd. This post will teach you about some of the best blog niches that make money in Nigeria!

What is a Blog?

A blog is a website that contains regularly updated articles on any topic. It’s usually maintained by an individual, but can also be run by companies or organizations.

Characteristics of Successful Blogs

Successful blogs have several characteristics in common:

  • Clear Purpose – what do you want your blog to achieve? Is it money? Fame? To help people out with something specific they are struggling with? Too many bloggers don’t think about this at the beginning and end up not getting very far because their goal isn’t clear enough. 
  • Good Content Quality – regardless of which niche you choose for your blog, good content quality matters most! You need to make sure that everything on your site is actually helpful (or entertaining to readers, otherwise they won’t keep coming back). 
  • Audience Engagement – the best blogs are able to get their audience involved. Readers should feel like they have a voice, and often times it’s this interaction that drives them forward in adding content regularly! 

This is also why you want your blog niche to be something people actually care about—the more engaged readers are with your topic, the better for everyone.

How to Make a Blog in Nigeria?

Making a blog is actually really simple! You just need the following:

Now you can get started on creating amazing content for your new blog site! 

Don’t forget that it’s important to choose an original, interesting topic so people will want to visit again in the future. 

The more often visitors come back, the better chance you have at getting them involved in sharing posts or even contributing their own ideas down the road—which means building up a loyal audience who always returns when there are updates from you!

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How to Makes Money Blogging in Nigeria?

This depends on many factors including what industry/niche you’re blogging within, how much time & effort goes into maintaining your site (and creating new content), etc.

But, generally speaking, if you can attract enough eyes onto your website then there are plenty of ways to earn money from. 

Here are some popular options:

a). Advertising 

Either on your site directly, through ad networks like Adsense or, or even via affiliate relationships with other companies that have relevant products for your audience to purchase.

Many bloggers in Nigeria do all of these! 

b). Sponsored Content 

This is commonly known as sponsored blogging and involves being paid by brands/companies in exchange for writing about them / their product/service. 

If you are able to get enough traffic onto your website then it can be an excellent way to bring in money without having to rely too much on ads or affiliate links (which take time before they start bringing in income). 

This approach also means securing a long-term revenue stream from the relationship—as opposed to just one-off advertising deals.

c). Profit from Your Expertise 

This is a great option if you have expertise in a specific topic and can share your knowledge with others. 

If you’re an expert at making money blogging in Nigeria, for instance, why not create content that shows people how to start their own blog? 

You’ll want to make sure that the product or service you are recommending fits well within your niche though—otherwise, it will be seen as spammy by all of your readers! 

d). Products/Services 

Selling products on your site (either physical goods like ebooks or services) works really well in many niches. 

Blogging about something very specific means there’s already a built-in audience who wants more information on what they read so far. 

This also means that most of the time you’ll be working directly with affiliate links to promote products from your audience’s favorite brands

e). Affiliate Marketing 

This is a popular option within blogging in Nigeria because it allows readers who are already interested in certain types of products and services to actually purchase them without having to leave your site (which helps improve page views). 

However, if you’re not careful about how many affiliate ads & banners get added—especially on top of any other advertising or sponsored content—then it can start looking like spam! 

Be sure everything looks as natural as possible so visitors don’t feel tricked into clicking something they weren’t expecting.

f). Paid Sponsorship 

If there’s something else related to the topic that isn’t considered an ‘affiliate product/service’ then it could work well as a sponsored post instead. 

These are typically done by sending proof of your claims (like receipts), giving away free samples of products, and writing honest reviews. 

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Best Blog Niches That Make Money In Nigeria

1). Health and Fitness

If you run a successful blog about fitness, weight loss, or healthy living then affiliate marketing can be a great way to make money

There are many products and services that fall under this category because people will always need information on how to eat better, train smarter, and improve their overall health.

2). Personal Finance

This is another popular category that can be targeted using affiliate links or paid sponsorship because people are always looking for information on how to make more money, pay off debt, and manage their personal finances. 

If you’re an expert in this area then it might even help to create your own product/service (such as a course) so you have something unique to offer your audience.

3). Fashion

Fashion is another one of the best blog niches that make money in Nigeria. There are many different styles and genres of fashion that you can blog about but it’s a popular category because people always need to know the latest trends. 

Fashion bloggers in Nigeria will often use affiliate links so they get paid when their readers click on something from another site (called an ‘affiliate commission’).

4). Lifestyle

Lifestyle is another one of the best blog niches that make money in Nigeria.

Anything related to living a better life in some way can be targeted for blogging. 

This might include travel, food & cooking, crafting, or simply taking care of yourself and your home.

If you have the skills needed to share with others then this could work well—especially if there are other products that help compliment what you’re already doing (such as affiliate links).

5). Business and Marketing

Businesses are always looking for new ways to improve their online presence and make more money. 

If you have a strong understanding of marketing, SEO or anything related then consider creating content that can help businesses market themselves better.

6). Technology and Gaming

People are always looking for the latest in new technology and gaming. 

If you have a strong background in these areas then consider creating content that explores how to make better use of them—especially if it benefits your audience (like with affiliate links).

7). Travel and Adventure

Travel is another one of the best blog niches that make money in Nigeria.

People love to travel and explore new places so blogging about your experiences can be a great way to make money. 

Travel bloggers in Nigeria will often use affiliate links in blog posts or on their own site (to earn commission) but they’ll also do sponsored content with companies who need people promoting trips, tours & more. 

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This means you get paid for travelling somewhere while doing what you enjoy most!

8). Food

People are always looking for new recipes, cooking tips, and ideas on how to make better meals. 

A food blog in Nigeria can be a good way to explore all of these things while also earning money—but you’ll need your own product or service that people want to buy (like with affiliate links).

Best Blogging Niches That Make Money in Nigeria

  • Health & Fitness 
  • Personal Finance 
  • Fashion 
  • Lifestyle 
  • Food 
  • Tech 
  • Travel
  • DIY

Things to consider when choosing a blog niche

If you are looking to pick the best blog niches that make money in Nigeria, follow these considerations;

a).  Traffic potential –  what kind of traffic can you bring in from your chosen topic?

b).  Income potential – what’s the best way to make money blogging for this niche in Nigeria (e.g., affiliate products, ads)?

c).  Competition – how much competition is there already and do any big competitors have a lot more authority than you? Can you beat them or partner with them instead?

d).  Time/Resources needed – does it require lots of research & preparation before being able to create content OR will it take less time overall but be harder work each week as new posts need creating on a regular basis etc.? Do you have all the tools you’ll need too—like photo editing software, video camera, etc.? How quickly could YOU realistically get this blog up and running if everything was in place?

e).  Expertise – do you have any knowledge or experience that can help you stand out from other bloggers on the same topic? Do people trust/respect your opinion enough to listen to what you say? 

What could make them want to share & link back here instead of somewhere else—or even go as far as recommending it to their audience too (which helps build authority)? 

Just remember that nobody will care about your opinion unless they already like YOU first! If someone is willing, then ask them for advice before creating content. 

It’s always better when influencers are involved because more visitors often follow after seeing who has shared it etc. 

f.) Budget – how much money can you afford to spend on the blog (e.g., hosting fees, editing software/tools, photo & video equipment, etc.)? 

Make sure you’re fully aware of what everything costs before signing up too—especially if it’s a ‘free’ blogging platform because they usually come with many restrictions that can make getting started harder in some ways.

g). Passion for your blog topic: can you write about it all day? Do you enjoy sharing information with others on this subject that needs to be told? 

If not, then don’t bother starting a blog just because there’s money involved. This is supposed to be fun! 

Plus if you hate what you’re doing—you won’t make much progress/improvement which means people will stop reading (and visiting) over time.

Which one of these blog niches that make money in Nigeria do YOU think would work best? What kind of traffic would they bring in?

Leave us a comment below!

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