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Get Paid to Blog in Nigeria: Here’s How

How does blogging pay in Nigeria? is an important question that anyone considering starting a blog should ask before starting one.

Because it is important to count the cost before starting any venture in life, you need to consider carefully if it is worth your investment.

Blogging business in Nigeria can pay your bills.

However, you can’t grow a blog in a day, you will need to learn how to write, how to perform keyword research, have knowledge of SEO etc.

After which you will have to promote your blog aggressively for it to pay you. But since this post is about how blogging pays in Nigeria, we won’t dwell much on that.

It is possible you don’t have a full understanding of what blogging is or the different platforms you can blog on, so this post will take you on a journey, explaining to you what blogging is, the different blogging platforms and finally how blogging pays in Nigeria.

Nevertheless, if you have ample knowledge of what blogging is and you are just searching for how blogging pays in Nigeria, feel free to skip to the subheading that matters to you.

Are you ready? Let’s start.

What is blogging?

Blogging refers to writing, photography and other media content that are self-published online. 

In other words, blogging is writing content and publishing them on a website frequently.

A written content published on a blog is called a post and the posts appear in reverse chronological order.

What that means is that the latest posts appear first on a blog. Typical blog content doesn’t remain constant, the content you see on a blog this week will be different next week because whenever a post is published it takes the latest position.

Different blogging platforms in Nigeria

There are many blogging platforms on the internet you can use to start your blog, each one having its pros and cons.

We will discuss the following 

  1. Blogger
  3. Medium
  5. Website builders

1. Blogger 

Blogger is a free blogging platform that was first owned by Pyra Lab but later acquired by Google in 2003. 

You can create an account with Blogger for free, the only requirement is a Gmail account.

Your blog link must have attached to it since your blog is created as a  subdomain in Blogger.

This means that if you want your website name to be, you can’t use it that way, the domain name must be

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2. is different from 

You can use for free while is also free to use you must buy hosting and domain.

Just like Blogger, your blog link must contain

You can create an account with WordPress for free to start blogging. They have free templates you can choose from to start your website within few minutes.

3. Medium

Medium is a publishing platform that you can use to share your content with the world.

Medium has millions of monthly visitors and they pay a flat rate to people with valuable content.

4. is an open-source Content Management System ( CMS )  that can be used to design a website.

Using WordPress to design a website or blog is easy because there are themes with already made templates you can select to install on your WordPress site.

And if you need to add functionalities to your website, you have thousands of plugins available.

WordPress is by far the best platform to use for blogging because you have control over everything.

You can make any changes you want to make and at any time you want to make it.

However, for you to enjoy these benefits you need to buy hosting and domain.

Hosting is the space where you store your website content on the world wide web while Domain is the identity of your website on the internet.

There are many web hosting companies you can purchase a domain and hosting from however Truehost is one of the best you can find in the market.

Truehost is affordable and offers quality services.

After buying hosting and domain you can now install WordPress to start blogging.

5. Website builders

A website builder is software with already made templates available for you to use to design your website and blogs.

Some website builders allow you to use their platform for free with limitations anyways. But if you want to enjoy the full functions you need to pay for the premium plan.

Examples of some popular WordPress site builders are Wix, Shopify and OLITT.

OLITT is the most affordable website builder amongst them, and also, it doesn’t compromise quality with price. You will be able to design different types of websites with advanced features using OLITT.

How blogging pays in Nigeria

1. Ad network 

Companies pay Ad networks to advertise goods and products online, the Ad Networks on the other hand look for bloggers and App owners to advertise these companies on their platforms.

In other words, if you have a blog, Ad Networks are looking for you so they can advertise companies’ products and services on it.

The Ad Networks manage the types of Ads that will be displayed on your blog, your own role is to register with them and select the type of ads you want to be displayed on your blog and how you want them to be displayed.

After you have been accepted, a code will be given to you to place on your blog so the ads can be displayed there.

Also, note that there are requirements you need to meet to be able to place ads on your blog, each Adnetworks have its own requirements.

Some examples of Ad Networks are Google AdSense, PushAd, Adsterra, Adcash and Infolinks. The most popular AdSense is Google AdSense.

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2. Create and sell courses

When you create content consistently in a particular blog niche, you will gain mastery many people don’t have, you will gain experience and knowledge that you can transfer to others.

How do you do that? By creating a course. You can create a course showing people how to achieve a goal, the goal could be learning a skill, learning how to do a particular task or any other thousands of skills.

Some examples of knowledge people monetize through courses are how to become an SEO expert, how to lose weight, how to become a copywriter, how to become a blogger, how to manage finance etc.

However, after creating a course in your niche, you need to learn how to market it. Failure to do that will lead to frustration because no one will know about your course.

3. Sell your freelancing skills 

Starting a blog in Nigeria gives you the opportunity to learn a lot of skills because growing a blog takes a lot of skills and knowledge.

In the process of growing your blog, you will learn how to write better, how to use WordPress, how to create an email list, Search engine optimisation and many more.

These are valuable skills you can sell online to people as a freelancer.

You can use the blog as a portfolio when applying for freelancing gigs online. It makes it easy for you to get the gigs since your potential clients will be able to see your work on your blog.

4. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is marketing other people’s products and services for a commission.

There are people with products called merchants in need of online marketers called affiliate marketers to sell their products and services.

When you sign up for an affiliate marketing program, you will be given a unique link for you to use on your blog to market.

When users click on the link and perform an action you will receive a commission for it.

Digital products have more commission than physical products.

There are websites with digital products you can select from to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria. Expertnaire and Learnoflix are the popular ones in Nigeria.

5. Allow sponsored post

If you are able to grow the traffic of your blog to a reasonable level, you can reach out to companies in your niche and ask them to advertise their products on your blog through posts for an agreed fee.

Sometimes the business will reach out to you, requesting a sponsored post.

This can be a lucrative way for your blog to pay you in Nigeria.

6. Coaching and consulting services

Blogging also pays in Nigeria when you offer consultation and coaching services.

The experience and knowledge you have been able to garner over time can be used to help other upcoming or struggling bloggers or businesses.

You will now charge them for your services.

7. Selling Membership 

You can create a membership forum where you share a special kind of knowledge that people can pay for.

The subscription could be monthly, or yearly.

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Your responsibility is to manage the forum or Membership website and also to make sure your subscribers are getting enough value to keep them subscribing.

8. Speaking Gigs

Opportunities will present themselves for you to speak as a resource person at events, seminars and conferences.

So long as people see you as an expert in a field, the opportunities are boundless.

Why you should start blogging in Nigeria

1. Blogging pays in Nigeria

If you are looking for a means to make money online, blogging is one of the best ways to achieve that.

As you can see from the aforementioned discussion, there are many ways to make money blogging.

2. You will make an impact

When you dish out valuable content through your blog, many people will get solutions to their problems through your blog.

You will answer their questions, you will take them from a place of ignorance to a place of knowledge.

How to start blogging that pays in Nigeria

The simple steps to start blogging that pays in Nigeria are explained in the following simple ways

1. Choose a blog niche

It is important to narrow down your blog content to a particular niche you will be able to grow easily.

When you narrow your blog down to a niche 

2. Buy hosting and domain

As mentioned earlier, WordPress is the best platform for blogging and to use it you will have to buy hosting and domain.

Buy hosting your affordable hosting and domain from Truehost to start blogging.

3. Install WordPress 

When you buy hosting and domain with Truehost, you will be sent details to your Cpanel admin dashboard.

From your Cpanel, you can manage your website. 

For you to install WordPress on your website, you will scroll down to Softaculous apps installer, where you will find WordPress and other CMS.

Click on the WordPress CMS and install. After installing it, you can now access your WordPress admin dashboard through www.your domain name/wp-admin.

4. Install Theme and plugins

From your admin dashboard, you will scroll to the appearance tab and then click on themes.

From the theme tab, you will find thousands of free themes that you can install on your website. The themes have templates that you can easily tweak to your taste.

However, if you want advanced features you will have to buy premium themes.

Plugins are software that adds functionality to your website, for example, if you want a live chat feature on your website, you can install a plugin for it.

There are plugins that can perform about any function on your website. You just need to find the right one. Even though there are thousands of free plugins, for you to enjoy their full features you will have to pay for them.

You will find the plugins tab on the left side of your dashboard.

5. Write and Publish

When you access your WordPress dashboard, you will find the post tab, where you can create and publish your content.

Before then, you must have done keyword research and discovered long-tail keywords you want to target on your posts.

Tips to blogging that pays in Nigeria

  1. Promote your blog shamelessly
  2. Learn and implement Onpage SEO to drive traffic to your blog
  3. Collaborate with other bloggers to learn and promote your blog
  4. Perform at least one activity to grow your blog daily
  5. Look for different ways for your blog to pay you


If you have the patience to learn how to grow your blog and also the endurance to put into practice the principles of blog growth, you will make money blogging.

Does blogging pay in Nigeria? Yes, it does. 

Finally, if you want to start your blog in Nigeria, start by buying hosting and domain to begin making money blogging.

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