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How To Get Cheap Hosting in Nigeria (Updated Guide)

Last updated on November 4th, 2022 at 07:00 am

cheap hosting in nigeria

In this article, we are out to show you how to get affordable and cheap hosting in Nigeria for your website and projects. As you are here, you are most likely looking to set up your own website soon but you are looking to cut costs. We understand this situation and this is why we have decided to write the guide on getting cheap hosting in Nigeria.

Hosting is very important in the process of getting your website online. In fact, it is the most essential part of the process. In this article, we will cover what web hosting is and we will walk briefly through how it works. We will also talk about important factors in choosing a web host and finally on how to get cheap hosting in Nigeria.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting in simplest terms is the process through which websites are placed on a server. Web hosting is the service that makes it possible for your website to run smoothly and be accessible to internet users all over the world. All the websites in the world today are hosting by one hosting service or the other.

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Therefore web hosting is very important to anyone or business looking to set up a website. As a result, web hosting is a very important factor in a website’s success. Web hosting is the main determinant of the speed and capacity of a website. For the smooth running of your website, you need a reliable and fast web hosting service.

Factors To Consider in Choosing A Web Host

Using a web hosting service is not optional or debatable. Every website has to be hosted on the internet. However, individuals and business owners have the option to choose which web hosting service they want to use. This choice, as we have explained earlier, is very important as your web host can make or mar your website.

In this section, we discuss the factors that you should consider when choosing a web hosting service. These factors include:


Uptime refers to the percentage of time when the servers of a web host are up and running. This is very important because that is the percentage of time your website will be functional and available to your visitors and users. When your website is down, you lose a lot of users or visitors as they can not find solutions on their website at the very moment they want it. If they are prospective customers, it is very possible, they’d go on to choose your competitors.

Therefore, it is important you choose a web host with over 99.9% uptime.

Customer Support

Although you have chosen a website with almost 100% uptime, it is still important that you can reach your web host’s customer support team quickly. This is very important because even if your website is not down, you will need some issues to solved from time to time. Having a customer support team that will respond to your requests and complaints on time is very important.


Asides from just putting your website on their services, web hosts typically offer some other similar and important features and products. You should choose a web host that has the features to not just put your website online but also make your website run just as you’d like it. Some of these important features include SSL certificate, SSD storage, free migration, website builder tool, 1 click installer, etc.

There are some features that are very important for the working of specific types of sites. For example, there are applications that an e-commerce website will need to run that other websites do not need. You must make sure that the web host you choose can power your type of website.


Pricing is a very important factor to consider when choosing a web host. This is particularly more important when you are just starting your website. You need a web hosting plan that is within your budget and can still cover all your hosting needs. Different web hosting services offer similar services at different prices as a result of their own company cost prices.

It is therefore important that you as a business owner go out to make your market research about which hosting plans from which company is the best fit for you. This is why we have written this article to help you know how to get cheap web hosting in Nigeria.

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How To Get Cheap Web Hosting in Nigeria

Although all the factors we listed above are very important, the focus of this article is to highlight the process of getting web hosting with great pricing.

The essential part of getting cheap web hosting in Nigeria is getting a web host that offers typically affordable hosting plans. So in this article, we will highlight the most popular plans by some of the web hosts that are offering web hosting in Nigeria.

  1. Truehost Cloud Nigeria (The Cheapest Web Hosting in Nigeria)

Cheapest Web hosting in Nigeria

  • Plan name: Bronze Hosting
  • Price: N0.00/ month
  • Disc Space: 1GB
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Free SSL certificate: Yes

Check more TrueHost Cloud packages here now.

  1. Garannator Nigeria 

  • Plan name: LH-NANO
  • Price: N125/month
  • Disc Space: 500mb
  • Bandwidth: 1GB
  • Email accounts: 3


  1. Host Now Now

  • Plan name: Larva
  • Price: N250/00
  • Disc Space: 2GB
  • Bandwidth: 4GB
  • Email accounts: Unlimited
  1. Afees Host

  • Plan name: Starter
  • Price: N2500/year
  • Disc Space: 1GB
  • Bandwidth: 10GB
  • Email accounts: Unlimited


  1. RegisterAm

  • Plan name: Economy Starter Hosting
  • Price: N2500/annually
  • Disc Space: 500MB
  • Bandwidth: 2GB
  • Email accounts: 5

Our recommendation

So far in this article, we have gone through the important aspects of getting cheap hosting in Nigeria. In the process, we have highlighted the companies that are popular for offering affordable web hosting in Nigeria. Now, we will recommend which web host you should go for.

We will always recommend Truehost Nigeria. Truehost Nigeria has the cheapest hosting plans offered by a Nigerian company for businesses and individuals in Nigeria. In addition to the affordability of its plans, Truehost Nigeria is also very reliable and is the number choice of thousands of businesses and developers across the country.

Check out TrueHost’s web hosting packages and buy yours now!

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