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How To Create A Professional Email Signature

Email is a popular method of business communication. According to statistics, 124.5 billion emails are sent every day, and this figure is expected to rise in the future.

However, with each email sent, there is the possibility of successfully communicating with the recipient or getting lost in their overflowing inbox. Every sender wants their email to be opened, read, and not discarded. So how do you approach this challenge?

Marketers obsess over subject lines, headlines, visuals, and calls to action when creating professional emails, but they often overlook the email signature.

What is a professional email signature?

A professional email signature functions similarly to a digital business card at the bottom of an email. It’s an important part of professional communication because it allows you to introduce yourself and your company to others in business correspondence. 

Benefits of using email signatures

There are many benefits to creating a professional email signature. 

1). It makes a professional first impression

The most important thing that a company values is its first impression because first impressions are everything. An email signature portrays you and your company as serious. It will always make you and your business look more professional. 

2). Build trust

Making people trust your brand can be difficult, but using an email signature can help you get there faster. When people receive an email with a professional email signature, they are more likely to trust your company than when they receive an email with just a signature containing maybe just a name.

3). To boost your marketing efforts.

Nowadays, almost every business engages in some form of email marketing. Despite the advancement of other marketing channels such as social media, videos, and so on, email marketing is still regarded as an effective tool.

The advantages of using an email signature include the ability to include a simple link to your current marketing campaigns or an eye-catching interactive banner within your email signature template.

People with whom you already have a business relationship will undoubtedly click the link, or even share it with friends and colleagues who they believe may be interested in your brand.

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4). Portrays brand awareness

Brand awareness is the unspoken secret to a company’s long-term success. A company cannot be successful unless and until its products or services are not known to the public.

Consider what you include in your email signature. You should have the information about your company, it’s a logo and a link to your website. This means that even if the recipient isn’t interested in the products or services you offer right now, they will recognize your brand and may become a customer in the future.

5).  To increase social media followers

If you want to grow your social media following quickly and easily, an email signature is a way to go. Simply add interactive social media icons to your signature that are linked to your actively managed social profiles, this will make your following soar in numbers.

Social media has a significant impact on business success. As a result, it is critical to include links to your social media channels in your email signature.

6). To encourage online reviews

Reviews have never been more influential in convincing people to buy a product or service, but they can be difficult to obtain, especially if your company is new. They are an excellent way to demonstrate the high quality of your goods or services. 

Clients may be aware of your reputation if you are new to the industry. They will naturally want to know your records before entering into any professional relationship.

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What to include in a professional email signature

Now that we’ve seen the benefits of creating an email signature, it’s time to look at what a professional email signature should contain. If all you have in your signatures is your name and a point or two of contact information, you’re missing out on connecting and engaging with the people you’re emailing.

01). Your Full Name

When people look at your email signature, they should see your full name, and it should be easy to read.  

Therefore, your full name should be the first thing to include in your email signature. This allows people to quickly determine who sent an email and who they can contact if they have any questions or feedback.

In addition, if people in your profession know you by a different name, you can include it at the end of your email signature as well.

02). Job information

Even if your name is important, it doesn’t tell people everything they need to know about who is sending them an email. In addition to your full name, include detailed job information in your email signature.

When you affiliate yourself with a large organization, you gain credibility, especially if the organization is well known. This helps you capture your reader’s attention and ensure that they take your message seriously.

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03). Contact information

Contact information is also necessary so that the recipient knows how to contact you in the future. This information could include a phone number, the address of the company you work for, or any other method of communication that you want to emphasize.

If you don’t want to give up your direct line, you could use this opportunity to promote your website, a passive way to open the line of communication without being bombarded with outreach if you don’t want it.

04). Social profile icons

Your social media presence is an important part of your brand because it allows you to build a following in your niche and show people what you are passionate about. 

That is why including links to your social media pages in your email signature is a good idea. It not only strengthens your brand, but it also allows people to contact and follow you in new ways.

Another reason why you should use social profile icons in your email signature is that people skimming your signature will recognize the icons easily as they will stand out from the rest of the text.

05). Call to Action

Including a call to action in your email signature is another great thing you can do. The goal of CTA is to gently nudge readers in the right direction, whether you want them to look at your new products, shop your clearance sale, or contact your company with product feedback.

The best email signature CTAs are simple, up-to-date, non-pushy, and consistent with your email style, appearing more like a postscript and less like a sales pitch.

Select a CTA that corresponds to one of your current business goals and update it as those goals change.

06). Booking links

If you find yourself emailing colleagues and clients who want to book meetings with you, make it simple for them by including a link to book your calendar right in your email signature.

07). Industry Disclaimer

To prevent private information from being transmitted, some industries, such as legal, financial, and insurance, have specific guidelines on email usage and etiquette. As a result, you should research your industry’s regulations and include a disclaimer about email transmissions in your signature.

08). Logo or Photo

One of the best ways to capture someone’s attention in your email signature is by using a Logo or an image. Consider using a professional photo in your signature if you want to add a personal touch so that recipients you’ve never met can associate your name with your face.

Alternatively, you can include the company’s logo in the email signature to increase brand awareness.

09). Pronouns

Because you never know who is on the other end of a computer, it’s polite to introduce yourself to any new people you meet. Include your pronouns in your email signature to ensure that people know how to address you if they contact you with questions or feedback.

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This can be accomplished by listing the terms you prefer to be addressed with, such as “he/him” or “she/her”. Including your pronouns prevent others from making mistakes when sending you an email, which makes people feel more comfortable contacting you.

How to create a professional email signature

The following are some tips for creating a professional email signature.

#1. Emphasize your full name, job title, and contact information

It is critical to emphasize your full name, job title, and contact information when creating an email signature. This is important because it tells recipients who you are and how to contact you if they have any questions or feedback for you.

#2. Use consistent typography and colors

Branding is most effective when it is consistent, and your email signature is no exception. For example, adding color to your email signature is a nice touch that will help it stand out from the rest of your email.

However, if you decide to use color, limit it to one or two colors in addition to dark text. This ensures that your brand is recognizable, as opposed to changing the colors every time.

#3. Make your design mobile friendly

The mobile industry is growing. There are currently 2.71 billion mobile users worldwide. Because so many people use mobile devices, they will most likely read your emails on their mobile devices. As a result, it is critical to optimize your signature so that it does not appear cut off.

#4. Create a hierarchy for the components of your signature

When designing your email signature, present it understandably. You should use hierarchy to direct readers’ attention to what they should be reading first.

You should scale up your name to a larger font. Then based on importance, choose which information to bold and color so that you can guide people’s eyes logically through the design.

#5. Don’t go overboard with your email signature

After learning about the significance of email signatures, you may want to include everything in your email signature. 

However, it is recommended that signatures not exceed four lines. It will not only appear unprofessional, but it may also give the impression that you are aggressively promoting your brand.

The goal should be to appear professional rather than promotional. However, if you want to add something important, such as a link to an ongoing campaign, you can do so temporarily in place of something that may not directly affect your business.

#6. Find an email signature generator

A professional email signature can be created manually, but automated email signature generators make the process much easier. 

They make the process easier by including your photo or business logo, social links, and extras such as a call to action (CTA) button, QR code, traceable link, link to your appointment booking app or link to a sales landing page.


Personalizing your email signature is a quick and easy way to promote your company and increase brand credibility.  

You don’t need any extra resources or time to create it, but the benefits of using an email signature are enormous.

Any business that does not use email signatures as a marketing tool is passing up a lot of opportunities.


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