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How to Get a Free Website in Nigeria

What is a website

How to Get a Free Website in Nigeria

A website is an online billboard or poster where a business display information about

  • Good and Services offered
  • Goods and Service Prices
  • How to order the services
  • How to pay for the Goods and Services
  • The popular use cases for the Goods and Services
  • Contact Information
  • Locations and area of service
  • Hours of operations
  • Team behind the business
  • Values shared by the company
  • Service level Agreement

These are dynamic information that keep changing with time and therefore a website should be dynamic to accommodate the changes.


Who needs a Website?

Multiple studies have shown businesses with websites do better than businesses without websites.

One of the obvious reasons why businesses with website do better than businesses with no websites is websites increase the number of clients buying goods and services on a business

How Websites Increase Sales in a Business

A website exposes a business to more people, anyone in the internet irrespective of their geographical location can find the business through their website and therefore more people reached

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It introduces an online service delivery platform: a customer can order and pay for a good and service online, this opens the probability to serve very many people at the same time unlike on a storefront.

A website create a better platform to persuade clients through testimonials, demo videos, product images and therefore better conversion rate as compared to walk in stores.

Importantly, a website is online during the day and night, which create a possibility of 24/07 service delivery which is usually hard to implement on a brick and mortar business.

Effectively, websites allow customers to shop or read about a business’s products at the convenient time, it does not have to be within the business’s working hours and therefore, a website provide convenience to customers

In conclusion, every business needs a website since a website will help a business serve more people and in more convenient ways unlike a brick and mortar store.


Where to get a Free website in Nigeria

A business does not need to spend a fortune for a website anymore. It’s now possible to get a free website online just like free email account. There several services in the world that can create a free website for a business today but for the purpose of this article, the article will feature is a free website builder platform that allow business to get free professional and functional websites.

Features of a free Website in Nigeria

A website should be both functional and professional, free websites may be more functional and professional than some of custom designed and developed websites out there. What are the features of a free Website at

  • Free Domain
  • Connect Custom Domain
  • Display Branding
  • SSL certificate
  • SEO Tools
  • DNS Management
  • Ready-to-use templates
  • 200 MB Disk Space
  • 1 Website Package
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Free Domain will provide a subdomain through which a business website can be accessed online without having to spend on a custom domain/

Connect Custom Domain

This is the ability to have your website available through a business’s unique domain name instead of an Olitt subdomain, get a custom domain at Truehost Nigeria.

SSL Certificate

Every Website at has a free SSL Certificate for better web security and search engine optimization.

SEO Tools

SEO Tools allow a business to optimize the website for easy ranking on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu and other search engines.

DNS Management

Refer to a set of tools that can help a business manage its custom domain, allowing for features like linking to an email service, verifying domain ownership among others.

Ready-to-use Templates

These a prebuilt website that a business can use to create the website, it’s on this templates that a business fills the information and details to display for the web visitors.

200 MB Disk space

This is the maximum space provided on a free account that a business can use to store images, videos and files for the website. provide more space in the paid packages. A business can upgrade to a paid package in a click.

In summary – How to Get a Free Website in Nigeria

Anyone looking for a free website for their business or hustle can get a professional and functional website at free of charge. free package allow business to get started without paying a cent, no contract, no credit card required.

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More importantly, the free website plan can be upgraded in a click unlocking more features like

More Prebuilt Websites

Large Disk space

Priority Support

Free Custom Domain Name

More Integrations

Get a professional and functional website for your business today at for free.

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