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How To Get The Cheapest Reseller Hosting With WHMCS

cheapest reseller hosting with WHMCS

If you’re considering setting up a hosting reseller business? Then we have written this article to expose you to the ways to get the cheapest reseller hosting with WHMCS packages.

Reseller hosting is considered by many to be one of the best paths to make money legitimately online in recent times. It is certified by veterans of the business as a very good business, one that is worth investing time and resources in.

To achieve maximum profits and get the most customers and income, hosting resellers, like in other businesses, have to look for and negotiate for the cheapest reseller plans. While it is important to note that cheapness is not the only factor to consider, you will agree that for the sake of business success, hosting resellers have to make cheapness an important yardstick.

In this article, we will discuss these other factors and then show you how to get the cheapest reseller hosting package with WHMCS.

Let’s dive in.

What is reseller hosting?

In short direct terms, reseller hosting is reselling the web hosting resources offered by a web hosting company.  The reseller rebrands and repackages the hosting plans in order to sell to the users.

The company whose plans and resources are being sold is called the parent web hosting company. The parent web hosting company owns and manages all the hosting and server infrastructure. In fact, most parent web hosts provide customer support. Therefore, the only responsibility of the hosting reseller is getting the web hosting packages sold.

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Reseller hosting is the most affordable way to start your own web hosting business. As a result, reseller hosting is becoming popular nowadays. It really is a no-brainer cause you have the opportunity to make profits without making any major financial commitment or investment.

Many hosting resellers are finding markets in the niche of customized hosting packages. As a result of their size and amount of orders they are dealing with, bigger hosting companies often ignore requests for customized hosting. Hosting resellers are now taking it on themselves to fill in that demand.

What is WHMCS and why is it important?

WHMCS stands for Web Host Manager Complete Solution.

WHMCS is a very important tool for hosting and domain services company. It is the most popular order management tool in the industry. Like every order management, WHMCS is designed to help you to manage orders and clients interacting with your company.

However, WHMCS has been tailored to suit the hosting and cloud services industry. It includes tools that will help you track the flow of orders, manage clients, accept online payments, generate invoices, and more. WHMCS also has a Client portal through which your clients can manage their products and services.

As the tool that it is, WHMCS doesn’t take the place of your website. Rather, you will have a website and then integrate WHMCS into it.

For someone looking to start up a reseller hosting business, WHMCS is very important. The best reseller hosting packages should include WHMCS to help them manage their businesses effectively.

Getting started with reseller hosting

For anyone hoping to create a web hosting company of their own, reseller hosting is a very good way to start. This is because reseller hosting requires less capital and zero infrastructure or servers to start with. Therefore, rather than investing so much into a business from the start, you can buy a reseller hosting package from an established web host and then rebrand and sell to your own clients.

To begin your reseller hosting journey, you should take the following steps:

Select your target market

Before starting any business, you have to define the market or the aspect of the market you want to sell to. This is very important as it not only helps you in shaping your product offerings and marketing strategy. For example, the market you seek to address will influence the reseller hosting package you will choose.

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Examples of target markets for a hosting service include bloggers, web designers, small businesses, etc. Another rising niche is customized hosting plans.

Choose a parent company

A parent web hosting company is the web host that offers you the reseller hosting package to sell their web hosting packages. The parent hosting company has already invested in infrastructure to provide web hosting to customers and you are reselling their packages for them.

Most web hosting companies offer reseller hosting so you need to make sure you choose the best. Some tips to look into include:

  • High Uptime
  • Customizable Packages
  • Reliable Customer Support
  • Regular maintenance
  • Favorable Reviews
  • Pricing

Fix your budget

After choosing the best parent company for your business, then it’s time to choose the plan you want to buy.

Keep in mind that the advantage offered by reseller hosting is the little investment required to start. So, you don’t need to buy an expensive plan, especially at the start. Spend according to your budget and get things running.

A low budget, however, is not an excuse to choose a package that won’t meet your needs. Make sure you put both factors into consideration.

Set the price

Setting the price for your services is very important. However, there is no compulsory plan to follow. Put your customer’s needs, industry average prices, and the profitability of your business into consideration. This way you can attract customers without sacrificing your profits.

Promote your business

No product will sell itself. You need to create marketing strategies that will help you reach your target market. You should also create a budget specifically for promoting your reseller hosting business.

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Where To Get The Cheapest  Reseller hosting with WHMCS In Nigeria – Truehost Nigeria

Currently, Truehost Cloud is one of Nigeria’s best domain registrars and web hosts in Nigeria. They offer the cheapest and most reliable domain registration service and web hosting in Nigeria.

In the same vein, Truehost Nigeria offers the cheapest reseller hosting with WHMCS for individuals and businesses looking to venture into reseller hosting. Truehost Nigeria offers three main reseller hosting packages. They are:

Silver – NGN 7499 / month

This is the basic and also the cheapest reseller hosting package Truehost Cloud offers. This package was created specifically for people who are just about to become hosting resellers.

The Silver plan offers 500GB bandwidth, 50GB disk space, unlimited cPanel accounts, and free WHCMS order management software. The Silver plan also allows you to resell domains, without creating a different account.

Gold – NGN 10499 / month

This is the second and the second-cheapest reseller hosting package Truehost Cloud offers. This package is the most suitable for people who have already started reseller hosting and are trying to upgrade their offers and capacity. Businesses and individuals who are just about to start can also use the package if they want to start on a higher scale.

The Gold plan includes 1TB bandwidth, 100GB disk space, unlimited cPanel accounts, and a free WHCMS order management tool. The Gold plan also allows you to resell domains, without creating a different account.

Platinum – NGN 29999 / month

This is the third and the most expensive reseller hosting package Truehost Nigeria offers. The Platinum is the highest reseller plan a reseller can get. It is designed specifically for people who are now at the top of their reseller hosting game. This is the final plan to make sure they can accommodate as many clients as possible.

The Gold plan includes 1.5TB bandwidth, 150GB disk space, unlimited cPanel accounts, and a free WHCMS order management system. As in all the previous plans we have talked about, the Platinum plan also includes a domain reseller account with which you can resell domain names.

From the above, we can conclude that Truehost Nigeria offers the cheapest reseller hosting with WHMCS, it’s time to get yours.

Check out Truehost’s reseller hosting package now

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