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Shopify In Nigeria: Does It Work In Nigeria?

We have heard of Shopify before right? Well, in this post we’ll learn about Shopify in Nigeria and whether it’s best to use in Nigeria.

Nigeria it’s a country in West Africa where it has been enterprising great. Many enterprises are making it online using Shopify.

Shopify is one of the many platforms that are helping people make it online. The online market is one of the best places to establish.

Besides, it’s flexible and one doesn’t need much when establishing. With just an internet connection, a browser, and a plan, you can quickly reach out to many.

The internet has helped many establish and make it online. It has given a chance for small enterprises to run and grow.

Well, let’s get to Shopify in Nigeria…


It’s a Canadian company founded in 2006. It’s a platform that helps everyone set up ecommerce platforms and reach out to many.

Shopify is popular because it provides the best tools to grow, market, and establish your online presence. It’s making it easy to manage businesses.

Shopify in Nigeria

Shopify is making it easy for people to connect with many. It’s also helping individuals launch their own businesses and grow online.

Without a doubt, Shopify is making it easy for all to launch their ideas online. It provides the best tools for you to launch fast.

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1. Support

Shopify provides 24/7 support. Shopify customer support is always ready to help everyone solve their issues and launch fast.

They are available by email, call and chat. Shopify also has more resources one can consider using to know more about the Shopify operations.

It guarantees that your issues are always worked on time. You always get online and issues solved easily with Shopify.

2. Marketing

Thinking of starting a business online? Well, Shopify in Nigeria is the best. Shopify makes it easy for everyone to grow their businesses.

This means that Shopify has the best marketing tools to make it easy to launch your business. These tools are in-built like SEO.

It also has other tools like email marketing that you can customize and use to increase reach. Also, add social media to share your products with everyone.

Other are:

  • Google Ads credit
  • Product reviews
  • And more.

3. Smart inventory management

Manage your business features easily and fast. It’s easy to manage inventories by tracking incoming and outgoing products.

Also, get to manage your inventory counts by using a bar scanner. Get to know easily which product is running out and which are not being purchased.

This management also helps you analyze products. Get a detailed report on best-selling and not selling products, and how best to rearrange the products.

There is so much more you can use to make your business run smoothly. Manage your stock easily and fast with this tool.

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4. Payment types

Allow your clients to pay for products and services fast and easily. Accept 2 or more payment types in a single transaction. For example, credit cards and cash or multiple credit cards.

Also, allow customers to pay for services easily. Allow them to pay partially or in installments until they finish paying for products.

Offers flexibility on payment methods. Decide on which is the best method to pay for your goods.

5. Sell flexibility

Show availability of your products easily. Let customers browse in-store and buy online. Email customers with their favorite items from a recent visit to complete their purchase online.

Efficiently manage and track all pick up orders placed online and notify customers when they’re ready. Manage and grow your business fast and easily.

Get to customize your shipping orders and fees. Also, get to sell in the best way possible you want and grow your business with Shopify in Nigeria.


  • Simplicity- create and launch fast with Shopify.
  • Support- get help every time you need it.
  • Build easily- a vast number of themes to design any kind of store easily.
  • App store- get to automate tasks with over 1,200 available applications.


  • Expensive- their basic plan starts from $29 per month.
  • Transaction fees- in some countries will cost you for transacting.

Is Shopify available in Nigeria?

Yes, Shopify is making it for people to grow and make it online. It supports multiple channels and connections; it’s a great all-in-one platform.

It has also partnered with many international payment service providers to ease transactions. Conduct your business easily and securely.

Shopify in Nigeria is making sure everyone launches their ideas online easily. It’s giving the best tools to make sure you reach out to many easily.

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How does Shopify work?

Shopify itself is a website builder. This means that it helps everyone become a developer even without coding and designing skills.

With just a drag and drop make a stunning site that everyone can transact with. Launch online fast and for free then upgrade after 14 days.

Add more functionalities using Shopify tools. Also, host your website easily with their servers; get to manage your business securely.

Who uses Shopify in Nigeria?

Shopify as stated is an all-in-one platform, which means that everyone can use it. Here is whom it’s best to use:

Shopify is the best tool to use. It eases every process of ecommerce building.

Shopify pricing Nigeria

Shopify has three plans:


Plan Cost Features
Basic Shopify ₦11939
  • Free SSL
  • Online store support
  • 2 staff accounts
  • Up to 4 inventory records.
Shopify ₦32523.51
  • Free SSL
  • Online store support
  • 5 staff accounts
  • Up to 5 inventory records.
Advanced Shopify ₦123095.31
  • Free SSL
  • Online store support
  • 15 staff accounts
  • Up to 8 inventory records.

Shopify is making it easy for everyone to make it online. It’s providing the best tools for startups and business growth.

Well, Shopify is great but it has its competitors who offer better services. Here are Shopify in Nigeria alternatives:

  • Wix
  • WooCommerce
  • Volusion
  • BigCartel
  • And more.

Get growing your business and making it online on the most competitive market. Grow and get more opportunities easily and fast.

Reach out to many in a secure way. Promote and market your product using Shopify in Nigeria. Don’t let your idea die. Well, also get to utilize Shopify alternatives if it’s too expensive for you.


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