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Top 10 Content Creators in Nigeria

So you’re in search of the crème de la crème of content creators in Nigeria, huh?

From witty vloggers to insightful podcasters, and everything in between, Nigeria is bursting at the seams with talented individuals who know how to captivate an audience.

In this article, we’ll be counting down the top 10 content creators who have taken the Nigerian digital space by storm.

So grab your popcorn and get ready to discover some new favorites – these creative geniuses are about to blow your mind!

1. Mark Angel Comedy

Mark Angel Comedy

Subscribers: 15 million | Views: 1 billion

Mark Angel Comedy, led by the iconic comedian and actor Mark Angel, holds the crown as one of the most popular YouTube channels in Nigeria. With an astonishing 15 million subscribers and over 1 billion views, Mark Angel’s comedic brilliance knows no bounds. His skits touch on everyday situations with a twist of humor that resonates with audiences far and wide. From classroom antics to family dynamics, Mark Angel Comedy effortlessly captures the essence of life’s comedic moments.

2. Nasty Blaq

 Nasty Blaq

Subscribers: 3 million | Streams: 100 million (Spotify)

Nasty Blaq isn’t just a rapper and singer; he’s a lyrical genius who combines music with wit. With a substantial 3 million subscribers on YouTube and a staggering 100 million streams on Spotify, Nasty Blaq’s catchy songs and witty lyrics are the perfect recipe for entertainment. His music resonates with a generation that finds solace in relatable tunes, creating a harmonious blend of laughter and rhythm.

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3. Woli Arole

Woli Arole

Subscribers: 2 million | Views: 50 million

Meet Woli Arole, the comedian and actor whose skits and videos have taken the internet by storm. His YouTube channel, boasting 2 million subscribers and 50 million views, is a treasure trove of laughter. Woli Arole’s ability to transform ordinary situations into uproarious sketches has endeared him to audiences seeking a hearty chuckle.

4. Tunde Ednut

Tunde Ednut

Instagram Followers: 10 million | YouTube Views: 100 million

Tunde Ednut is more than just a social media personality; he’s a meme virtuoso. With a whopping 10 million followers on Instagram and over 100 million YouTube views, Tunde Ednut’s knack for creating humorous content is second to none. His funny memes and videos are like a digital shot of espresso, injecting humor into the mundane moments of life.

5. Nancy Isime

Nancy Isime

Instagram Followers: 3 million | YouTube Views: 10 million

Nancy Isime isn’t just an actress and TV presenter; she’s a beacon of charm and charisma. Known for her role in “The Johnsons” and her dynamic hosting skills on “The Spot,” Nancy has amassed 3 million Instagram followers and 10 million YouTube views. Her infectious laughter and relatable anecdotes make her content a delightful addition to your online escapades.

6. Broda Shaggi

Broda Shaggi

Subscribers: 2 million | Views: 50 million

Broda Shaggi isn’t just a comedian and actor; he’s a master sketch artist, crafting laughter-filled narratives. Boasting 2 million YouTube subscribers and 50 million views, Broda Shaggi’s sketches are a window into a world of hilarious characters and relatable scenarios. His knack for turning everyday events into comedic sagas has earned him a special place in the hearts of his audience.

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7. Josh2funny


Subscribers: 2 million | Views: 50 million

Josh2funny is a comedic juggernaut, known for his uproarious skits that have garnered 2 million subscribers and 50 million views on YouTube. With an uncanny ability to find humor in the simplest things, Josh2funny’s content is a testament to the power of laughter. His skits resonate across demographics, proving that laughter knows no boundaries.

8. Bukunmi Adeaga Idowu

Bukunmi Adeaga Idowu

Instagram Followers: 2 million | YouTube Views: 10 million

Bukunmi Adeaga Idowu, an actress, model, and TV presenter, brings her vibrant personality to both screens and social media. With 2 million Instagram followers and 10 million YouTube views, Bukunmi effortlessly juggles her roles and infuses them with a touch of humor. Her content is a refreshing blend of entertainment and relatability.

9. Mr Macaroni

Mr Macaroni

Subscribers: 2 million | Views: 50 million

Mr Macaroni isn’t just a mouthwatering dish; he’s a comedian and actor who serves up laughter in generous portions. His YouTube channel, with 2 million subscribers and 50 million views, is a comedy haven. Mr Macaroni’s skits offer a satirical take on societal issues, showcasing the power of humor to highlight important topics.

10. Taaooma


Subscribers: 2 million | Views: 50 million

Taaooma, a comedian and actress, reigns supreme in the realm of comedy skits. Her YouTube channel boasts 2 million subscribers and 50 million views, a testament to her comedic prowess. Taaooma’s sketches often tap into everyday situations that evoke hearty laughter, proving that her comedic charm is universal.

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In Conclusion

The Nigerian content creation scene is a vibrant tapestry woven with creativity, humor, and reliability.

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The top content creators in Nigeria have mastered the art of tickling our funny bones and leaving us in splits.

From Mark Angel Comedy’s billion-view milestones to Taaooma’s universally appealing sketches, these creators have cemented their positions as digital entertainment icons.

So, whether you’re seeking a dose of laughter or a fresh perspective on life, these content creators are your virtual companions on this rollercoaster ride of entertainment.

After all, in the world of content creation, Nigeria is undoubtedly reigning supreme, with top content creators who are taking the digital world by storm.

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