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7 Best Websites to Sell eBooks in Nigeria

The ebook industry has exploded in Nigeria in recent years driven by increasing internet penetration and smartphone adoption across the country.

More Nigerians are consuming content digitally which presents a massive opportunity for authors and publishers to sell ebooks to this growing market.

Several factors have contributed to the rising popularity of ebooks in Nigeria. Ebooks provide convenience, are cheaper than print books and enable access to more affordable content. The growth in e-commerce with stores like Jumia and Konga is also driving the adoption of ebooks.

For authors, the growing ebook market provides an opportunity to reach millions of new readers online. The low barrier to entry for publishing and distributing ebooks also makes self-publishing attractive. Authors can retain a larger portion of royalties by cutting out traditional publishers.

This article provides an overview of the top websites and platforms for authors to sell ebooks in Nigeria:

  • Okadabooks
  • Kobo Writing Life
  • Publiseer
  • Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing
  • Google Play and Apple Books
  • Other Nigerian ebook stores

We discuss the key features, commission structures and tips for maximising sales on each platform.

Whether you are a seasoned author or just starting out, this guide will help you successfully publish and sell your ebooks in the thriving Nigerian market.


Best Websites to Sell eBooks in Nigeria

Okadabooks is the largest homegrown ebookstore and publishing platform in Nigeria. Launched in 2015, Okadabooks has established itself as a market leader with thousands of titles available and over 100,000 ebooks sold to date.


  • Okadabooks focuses primarily on the Nigerian and African book markets
  • Based in Lagos but distributes ebooks globally
  • Over 4,000 ebooks across genres including fiction, non-fiction, textbooks, children’s books etc
  • Readers enjoy customized reading experience on web and mobile apps
  • Free and paid ebooks available from emerging and bestselling authors

Signing Up as an Author

Signing up as an author on Okadabooks is straightforward and free. Here are the steps:

  • Go to and sign up for an account
  • Submit your KYC documents for account verification
  • Fill in author profile details including bio, book catalogue etc
  • Accept the terms and conditions to complete signup

Once your account is approved, you can upload your manuscript and book cover to publish on Okadabooks. The review and quality control process takes 1-2 weeks before your book goes live in the store.

Commission & Payment Structure

The commission and payment terms for authors on Okadabooks are as follows:

  • Commission – Okadabooks takes 30% commission on every ebook sold
  • Payment structure
    • Monthly payments between 10th-15th for previous month’s sales
    • Minimum payout is N10,000 (about $20) before payment
    • Payments above $20 paid into author’s Nigerian bank account
    • Lower amounts credited to author’s Okadabooks wallet
  • Payment methods – Bank transfer for local Nigerian accounts or PayPal for international accounts

Overall, Okadabooks has a fair and competitive commission structure that lets authors earn good royalties per ebook sold. The monthly payment cycle and process is also smooth and timely.

Marketing Tips

To maximize sales on Okadabooks, here are some promotional tips for authors:

  • Create an author page and build your follower base
  • Participate in online events like book readings, AMAs etc
  • Run free book promotionals and sponsored campaigns
  • Cross promote your book on social media and online platforms
  • Use Okadabooks advertising and marketing tools
  • Build relationships with book bloggers for reviews
  • Offer special discounts on new book launches
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Smart marketing and promotion will give your book visibility and help drive sales on Okadabooks.

Kobo Writing Life

Kobo Writing Life

Kobo Writing Life provides a major opportunity for Nigerian authors to access a global readership for their ebooks.


  • Kobo Writing Life is the self-publishing platform of Kobo Books
  • Kobo Books is owned by Rakuten and is one of the largest ebook stores
  • Available in over 190 countries with 63 million users worldwide
  • Readers access Kobo ebooks on the company’s eReaders as well as apps and web
  • Nigerian authors can publish in English as well as Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba

Publishing on Kobo as a Nigerian Author

Signing up on Kobo Writing Life is free and easy to set up:

  • Create your Kobo Writing Life account at
  • Provide identity verification and tax information
  • Upload your manuscript, book details and cover
  • Set pricing and territories to publish in Nigeria, Africa or worldwide
  • Accept Kobo’s Terms of Service

Kobo converts your manuscript into an ebook and makes it available across their global online bookstores. Your book can be live in under 24 hours so the publishing process is quick.

Commission and Payments

Kobo Writing Life offers a favorable 70% royalty rate for most ebook price points. Their commission and payment structure is:

  • Commission – Kobo takes 30% commission on ebooks priced $2.99 – $9.99
  • Higher royalty of 45% for books under $2.99 or over $10
  • Payment – Monthly payments by PayPal or wire transfer
  • Minimum payout is $100 (about ₦40k) before payment
  • Payments on the last day of the following month

Kobo provides detailed sales and royalty reports to help you track earnings. Payments are timely and conveniently done by PayPal.

Marketing Your Book

To maximize the visibility of your ebook on Kobo’s global platform:

  • Utilize promotional pricing like free giveaways, discounts etc
  • Participate in Kobo’s Read an Ebook week and other sales events
  • Use affiliate links and email marketing to publicize your book
  • Leverage Kobo’s Author Marketing Toolkit resources
  • Promote your book through social media and online Kobo communities
  • Run ads on Kobo to reach relevant audiences
  • Use Kobo’s Writing Life blog and podcast to engage readers
  • Build your author brand and name recognition over time

With Kobo’s huge international reach, Nigerian authors have an opportunity to grow international sales by smartly leveraging the platform.


Best Websites to Sell eBooks in Nigeria

Publiseer offers an innovative self-publishing platform for African authors and Nigeria is one of their biggest markets.

Overview of Publiseer

  • Founded in 2017, Publiseer is a free digital publishing platform
  • Headquartered in Nigeria with operations across Africa
  • Over 4,000 books published from 15 African countries
  • Nigeria accounts for 75% of books published on Publiseer
  • Key publishing markets include Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa etc

Benefits for Nigerian Authors

Publiseer offers several unique benefits for Nigerian ebook authors:

  • Local distribution – They distribute to major Nigerian ebook stores including Okadabooks, Kobo, Barnes and Noble etc
  • Global distribution – Books also distributed worldwide across 400+ stores
  • Streamlined publishing – Easy upload manuscripts, metadata and cover designs
  • Copyright protection – They issue ISBNs to deter piracy and protect copyright
  • Maximized exposure – Books submitted to major book review blogs and publications
  • Transparent payments – Receive real-time sales data and royalty tracking
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By leveraging Publiseer’s distribution reach, Nigerian authors can maximize sales in both domestic and international markets.

Pricing and Payments

Publiseer has a very transparent and author-friendly payment system:

  • Pricing – Authors have full control and flexibility in setting ebook prices
  • Royalties – Highest royalty rate of 80%, Publiseer takes 0% commission
  • Payment – Daily automated PayPal payouts, no minimum thresholds
  • Reporting – Detailed analytics on book performance and sales data

Their minimal charges and daily payment transfers allow Nigerian authors to get the highest revenue possible from books sales.

Marketing Tips

To promote your book and brand on Publiseer:

  • Leverage Publiseer’s high book review and submission rates
  • Participate in online and offline book events like book fairs, conferences etc
  • Cross promote books on your social media and follower network
  • Offer limited time discounts and free giveaways
  • Collaborate with other Publiseer authors for cross-promotion
  • Use their Author Central resources for marketing assets
  • Build your author website and engage directly with readers

Publiseer provides the tools and platform for Nigerian authors to maximize their ebook sales and success both locally and globally.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) enables Nigerian authors to access Amazon’s massive audience of online book buyers.

Publishing on Amazon KDP

KDP has made self-publishing ebooks on Amazon simple and fast:

  • Nigerian authors can sign up for a free KDP account on Amazon
  • Upload manuscript in Word, ebook cover and book details
  • Set pricing and territories including Nigeria, Africa or worldwide
  • Enter bank account details for royalty payments
  • Click Publish and Amazon converts book to Kindle format

Within 24-48 hours your ebook will be live for sale on Amazon stores globally. KDP books are also easily readable on Kindle eReaders and Kindle mobile apps.

Pricing and Royalties

KDP offers competitive royalty rates for authors across most price points:

  • Pricing – Authors can price books between $0.99 to $200+
  • Royalties
    • 70% on books priced $2.99 to $9.99
    • 35% on books priced below $2.99 or above $10
  • KDP Select – Option for exclusivity on Amazon via KDP Select for higher royalties
  • Pre-orders – Books can be made available for pre-order before release

KDP lets you adjust pricing any time so you can run promotions, test price points and maximize royalties.

Payment Structure

KDP has a reliable payment system for authors:

  • Payment method – Wire transfer to Nigerian bank account
  • Payment frequency – Monthly royalty payments
  • Threshold – Minimum payout is $10 before transfer
  • Reporting – Monthly reports on book sales and royalties

So you can conveniently receive your royalty earnings monthly into your local bank account.

Marketing Your Book

To drive book sales on Amazon:

  • Run free and discounted promotions via KDP Select
  • Participate in Kindle Countdown deals
  • Use Amazon Author Central portal for resources
  • Leverage Amazon ads and sponsored campaigns
  • Get book reviews to improve visibility on Amazon
  • Use affiliate marketing strategies to promote your book
  • Build your author brand and name recognition

KDP provides the necessary tools and platform for Nigerian authors to succeed in the lucrative Amazon book market.

Other Ebook Platforms and Stores

In addition to the major ebook platforms discussed above, here is an overview of some other options for Nigerian authors to publish and sell ebooks:

Google Play Books

Google Play Books has over 5 billion ebook titles and active users across 90+ countries.


  • Free and straightforward signup process for authors
  • Upload ebook file, metadata and cover
  • Global distribution or limit to select countries
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Royalties and payment

  • 70% royalty rate for most prices
  • Payments through wire transfer with $100 minimum
  • Monthly payment cycle

Marketing tips

  • Run free ebook promotions
  • Participate in seasonal sales events
  • Leverage Google’s author resources and community
  • Use online ads and affiliate programs

Apple Books

Apple Books is installed on over 1 billion Apple devices and has a potential reach of millions of readers.


  • Signup for an Apple developer account ($99 annually)
  • Use Apple’s easy Publishing Tools
  • Global distribution to 155 countries

Royalties and payment

  • Apple charges 30% commission
  • Wire transfers to Nigerian bank account
  • No minimum payout threshold

Marketing tips

  • Participate in seasonal Apple Books promotions
  • Leverage Apple’s built-in marketing tools
  • Use Apple ads platform to create targeted campaigns
  • Promote your book across Apple users and communities

Nigerian Ebook Stores

Beyond the major platforms, here are some local Nigerian ebook stores authors can also publish on:

  • SubBooks – Caters to African fiction writers, 70% royalty
  • Okadabooks – Leading local player, 60% royalty rate
  • Bookcraft – Veteran Nigerian publishing company
  • Iseoluwa – Stock indigenous language books

The local stores have the advantage of targeting readers looking for African content.


  • Research each platform’s market reach and target audience
  • Compare commission structures before publishing
  • Use multiple platforms to maximize sales channels
  • Local stores help access readers looking for Nigerian content
  • Mix global stores for wider reach and Kobo for international expansion

Key Takeaways

Here are some of the key takeaways from this guide on ebook publishing options for authors in Nigeria:

  • The ebook market is growing rapidly in Nigeria providing new opportunities for authors. The rising smartphone and internet penetration is making digital book publishing attractive.
  • Okadabooks is the leading homegrown ebookstore for Nigerian authors allowing you to reach local readers. They have a streamlined publishing process and 30% commission rate.
  • Kobo Writing Life gives you access to an international readership across 190+ countries. Nigerian authors can earn up to 70% royalties selling ebooks on Kobo’s global store.
  • Publiseer offers a very author-friendly 80% royalty rate and distributes books both locally and to 400+ international stores. Their transparent reporting and payments are beneficial for Nigerian authors.
  • Amazon KDP is the biggest global platform allowing Nigerian authors to tap into their massive book buyer audience. KDP provides extensive marketing tools to maximize book sales and visibility.
  • Beyond the major players, local Nigerian ebook stores like Okadabooks, Subbooks, Bookcraft etc are also options to target Nigerian readers.
  • Having a presence across multiple ebook platforms is recommended for Nigerian authors to maximize reach and sales of your books.


Selling ebooks in Nigeria provides an exciting opportunity for authors to access a booming digital publishing market. With youth literacy on the rise and increased digital engagement, the potential readership numbers are promising.

This guide has provided an overview of the top ebook sales platforms for authors based in Nigeria or targeting Nigerian audiences.

Okadabooks is the standout local option allowing you to publish, market and sell your book to millions of Nigerian readers. Global platforms like Kobo, Amazon KDP and Publiseer let you expand your market worldwide.

By signing up across multiple sites, you can maximize the visibility and sales for your ebook. Make use of promotional strategies like free giveaways, sponsored ads and affiliate marketing offered by these platforms. Building your author brand and reputation over time is also key.

The low barriers to entry for ebook publishing makes it an attractive option. Nigerian authors can earn good royalty revenues from their ebook sales by pricing competitively and using the right sales platforms. This path can provide a lucrative means of monetizing your writing skills.

As digital engagement rises across Africa, the opportunities in the ebook space will continue to grow.

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  2. Thank you so much. This content is helpful for me. I have written ebooks on the Nigerian context and had been looking for where to locally publish them in order to reach my Nigerian audience and here I am able to find local stores for my local ebooks. I am going to publish on those local stores. Thank you so much.

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